We Are Back!

Hello Friends, Family & Fans! I am so excited to post that we are back and Bigger & Better than Ever! I will calm down eventually. For now, I will let the excitement overflow. I have had time to contemplate where I want to be and what will be my next move. I love doing the entertainment shows so I am making them bigger and better. I love to touch people’s hearts so please remember that you are not having a heart attack it’s just me making it better. I will continue with the Wine and Travel events with new and exciting agendas.

We will be traveling more and getting out in the community to meet all of our wonderful supporters. When you see us out and about please stop by to meet us and maybe even pick up a prize or two. We want involvement in the communities and we want to give back with our patronage. All printed collateral will be done in the community where we have our shows. Any extra employees, hotels, restaurants, ads, etc. will be from the community. We want to give to the community ahead of time and leave something other than footprints.

Fortunately, my outstanding team is still in place and we have extended our marketing to reach more people in the community. Bringing people together to have fun is one of our main goals and showcasing exceptional artists is another. Aligning with awesome partners makes this happen. This is my version of Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.

Stay tuned and meet all of them as the development of this alignment reaches new heights for TuKute Presents and TKP Entertainment.

Luv and appreciate all of you.

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