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In case you didn’t know I am in full support for small businesses. I am a small business. That’s me! I work hard to establish myself as a viable entity in the business world. Albeit entertainment, I think entertainment is a necessity in in our world. Things get sticky sometimes and I understand it. Some businesses only want to promote their business and depending on what the “experts” are saying that is absolutely the way to go. Let’s face it, individually we are atoms in the universe of businesses. Collectively we are a star system. I am happy to share my audience with those businesses that are climbing the ladder to making a name for themselves, relentless in getting noticed and understanding the importance of marketing in today’s Socially Important World.

In no way do I believe that my success is only because of my hard work. It is because of my ride or die supporters. Small business owners need them in their social media arena. Most of our social media contacts have more that one contact in their platform. Did you know that? So why not share some of the small successes and assist them in becoming big successes. I love my group of women, albeit small, that support me and I support them by sharing in their successes which assists in elevating their platform. Story pages are temporary and don’t get logged onto my pages. May not be much but it’s something. I am happy to do it. I luv it when they share mine. I think that’s a win win. After all back in the day, it was nothing to ask for a referral. I make my Stories the new normal for referrals. Ingenious.

All in all I cannot say enough about the importance of sharing. People remember (at least they should) any helping hand. So, who did you help this week?

In case you don’t know of any small businesses to support, please try this gift guide. Who Knows? Maybe someone will try yours.

Support Small Businesses with the Small Business Gift Guide

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