Loving My Life

No doubt about it, what I do for a living is extremely satisfying. I am sure if I didn’t like it I would not have persevered as long as I did. In the beginning (15 yrs ago) when I first decided to go on stage my motives were clearly different and I was very lucky to attain the moderate success that I did. I took it slow and tweaked it quite a bit and took my dreams into my own hands to develop something suitable for me.

The learning curve was curvy, twisted and knotted into quite a mess. I listened to a lot of people in the business and was able to glean the information I deemed complimentary to my vision.

Oh yes, that vision. When you have a vision or goals it is important to stick to them. However, it does not mean that you can’t tweak them on the way to whatever your destiny is. Not advocating being fickle by no stretch of the imagination. When you start on your journey to achieve them you will learn a lot and that may mean a little deviation from your original plan. Without change there can be no growth.

I thought I wanted to do standup comedy. Wasn’t sure it was for me after I got started. I was led to producing shows. Wasn’t sure it was for me either. Fell in love with the world of entertainment and learned as much as I could about it and decided it may not be for me either. Still I persisted and gained something that I wasn’t aspiring for, respect and branding. Always surprised when I meet people that have heard of me. Gotta love social media.

Well, 10 years later I am back at standup, producing my own shows and have turned my love of entertainment into a business I could live with. I beat to my own drum. I advocate for what I believe is the evolution of entertainment for untapped talent.

I have researched conventional ways of reaching goals and know that my own experience has led me, very comfortably, to being confident about what I want, sticking to what is good for me and earning respect from the one individual who means the most, me.

Proud of my battle scars (I am sure more to come), the way I do business (still to be perfected) and the knowledge and hope I give to others to do to be in charge of their destiny.

Though my life is not perfect I am very proud of the woman I am becoming. She’s pretty hot!

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