If I'm dreaming I don't want to wake up! There is nothing like doing what you love.

Sultry Sunday Featuring New Artists

The final stage of the Performance Workshop where the student perform in front of family, friends and YOU!

Sultry Sunday

Robert Carr, musical genius; Habaka, International Vocalist; Paula G, Award Winning Comic; Cheron K. Griffin, Executive Producer of new reality show "Preachers Exes".


My passion is promoting events for Mature Adults featuring Atlanta Artists. Some of the best talent is right here. Help me support them.

Take Charge of your Career

Having problems getting gigs, making the money you deserve or selling your products? YOU NEED THIS. But not if you are not ready for the truth! This Seminar leaves no stones unturned. No babytalk here!

TuKute Presents the finest local talent events for mature adults!

Every First Wednesday is Throw Down Wednesday at Steve’s Live Music. This is where you come to get your groove on and get revved up for the rest of the week. Show times are 6:30 to 10:00pm

Every Third Sunday is Sultry Sunday Night where we will dance to smooth jazz or R&B. Great way to get your week started. Show times are 6:00 til 10:00pm.

Workshops For Artists

Learn how to build your audience and WOW them on stage.

Sultry Sunday

These Students have worked hard to perfect their craft and now you get to see them perform with the Gentle Men of Jazz.

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Comedy Concoction Happy Hour

These Ladies of comedy will be struttin' their stuff at this party .

Comedy Concoction is On The Rise

See what the comedic talents of TuKute & Paula G will be bringing to the stage.

You Asked - I Listened - We Are BACK!

Check us out on Sept 21st for a preview of the new TuKute Presents Jokes & Jazz

Fan Club Speaking Engagement October 7th, 2014

Tukute.....EVERYONE LOVED YOU. I'm so glad that you are the comedian I chose for our October meeting. We all loved how your comedy was just thrown into your story; not just a series of jokes. Thanks so much...very successful. All the best to you and your career. Linda
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